Dental Marketing

Here are some creative, yet not so common marketing strategies you could use to market your dental practice. 1. Start a referral program – This is the best strategy for healthcare services. It is 92% more trustworthy than other forms of marketing. It’s simple and powerful, and can help you increase your patient base. These are just a… Continue reading Dental Marketing

Eternity Commitment: The 21st Century Alternative to Marriage

The time has come for a new paradigm of lifelong relationships. During the 20th century, it became clear that the patterns and structures of lifelong monogamous relationships did not work! I mean a dysfunctional relationship called “marriage” defined and formed by the state legislature. Relationships don’t matter. It is the financial structure of the marriage… Continue reading Eternity Commitment: The 21st Century Alternative to Marriage

Diversifying Gold Investment

One of the most profitable investments is in gold. One of the main reasons is that gold itself can be the equivalent of direct money, as it has a unique value that can withstand the effects of the economic devaluation. Investing in gold is certainly one of the safest investments investors can trust. The value… Continue reading Diversifying Gold Investment

Why I Love Blogging

People are blogging for many reasons. Originally, I started blogging in late 2013 as an authoring platform. But over time, I realized that my blog offered more than an authoring platform, and it wasn’t just numbers. The blog had another deeper purpose. It can even change my point of view and my life. If you’re… Continue reading Why I Love Blogging

3D Digitizers – Choosing the Right Laser Scanner For the Job

Laser scans, also known as 3D laser scans and laser surveys, are widely debated because they can be applied to a variety of initiatives, including engineering, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and even recreation at the crime scene. However, if you have never scanned with a 3D digitizer and are considering implementing a 3D digitizer in… Continue reading 3D Digitizers – Choosing the Right Laser Scanner For the Job

GPS Cars – Travelers Choice

Advances in technology have brought about major changes in communication systems around the world. Satellite communications have become even more sophisticated, allowing humans to use remote signals from satellites to control every aspect. As a result, a new technology called the Global Positioning System was born. Manufacturers have already modeled many devices that can receive… Continue reading GPS Cars – Travelers Choice