What Is a Software Development Life Cycle?

A set of instructions to the computer in order to comprehend and complete a particular task is referred to as a Software. Software development is the method to use computer programming to design and develop software. It is not a new concept for many, but the topic on the table will be a new one for many. SDLC (also known as Software Development Life Cycle, is the process of creating the next version of software.

The process of developing an application isn’t difficult to understand. The method of SDLC will be as follows:

  1. Collecting and then analyzing requirements to develop an application
  2. The creation of the software
  3. Coding or programming
  4. Test the software
  5. Deployment
  6. Maintaining the software

Gathering and Then Analyzing the Requirements to Develop a Software

This is the very first step. Similar to starting a business working on a brand new software needs the development of a plan. The planning stage Body Leasing will involve managing the project’s project stakeholders , and even some of the top software developers. However professional or how long a software development company has been in operation, the planning is not an easy phase to follow. It may take less time for experts to create a new venture and to begin working on it but still there are questions that must always be addressed prior to tackling any project. Following are some questions, that require answers prior to embarking to the task:

  • Who will use the software?
  • What are they going to do with it?
  • What information do I need to enter?
  • What will be the output out of input data?
  • What’s the goal?
  • What qualifications are needed? Will there be a requirement to recruit new staff or will the existing staff have the right qualifications and capacity to contribute to this project?

Find out the answers. Do you think the project is worth it? A thorough evaluation is necessary in this regard. There will be more questions to be addressed before tackling this new venture. All work is recorded for future reference.

Designing of the Software

Now comes the second phase which is the creation for the program. Based on the documentation and the results of the first stage the system as well as the software is designed. From this, the developers discover the requirements of the hardware and system they will need for their project. This phase also determines the system architecture. The design phase will establish the specifications for the subsequent phase.

Coding or Programming

The role now falls to the software developers. The documents for designing the system are now separated into modules and the developers now start their job. This is going to be the longest of all. Programming is performed here, and everyone knows that programming isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of time, expertise and patience. Once the program is finished, the developer forwards their completed work over to the tester.

Testing the Software

In the manufacturing business it is monitored and tested. It is similar with software development. When the coding is finished the software developer is able to send their work to the Software Quality Assurance department /personnel. They do not pay attention to the work of the software developers. The software quality assurance or the SQA for short will check for bugs and test the software. The tests are carried out as per the requirements and the guidelines mentioned in the document on requirements. Unit testing, integration testing and system testing, as well as acceptance testing is done by SQA and if found irregularities or errors, the test is returned to the software creator. The procedures will keeps on repeating until the program is bug free and is ready for deployment.

Deployment of the Software

After the successful completion of the software and the testing after which it is given to the customer concerned or open to the public.

Maintaining the Software

Only those who are not serious professionals or those who are not willing to keep their businesses running will not re-visit their software, however the serious developers will. Every software needs updating and maintenance. If the software runs into issues, the software development company will be there to fix it.

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