Article marketing is an crucial element of numerous small affiliate marketing strategies. I’ve written number of articles on the benefits of writing high-quality keywords-rich and selling articles and then distributing the articles online. In this article , I will explore further and present the concept of a connection between the quality of an article and the rates of republishing, and more importantly, how the distribution process can be extremely profitable for your online business.

Part I: benefits of being Republished

Check out your articles become viral

Republishing is an option on the majority of major directories for articles, including EzineArticles which is the website where the article will first be published. In general, website owners and bloggers can take and make use of your article so they want, provided that the content and hyperlinks aren’t altered in any way. They benefit from fresh and engaging articles for their readers and you get an actual increase in the benefits derived from each article you submit. Your content, and consequently hyperlinks, are distributed across the web and is often an e-commerce process. This is especially true for quality content and the advent the concept of social bookmarking made this practice much more prevalent. The modern age of affiliate marketing therefore advertisements and articles are viewed more carefully by the readers. If you are gifted at writing and have a good understanding of your field, the advantages have shifted to you , and that’s the reason you’ll hear a number of experts tell you that “content is the king”. The top and most engaging articles are seen by thousands of people in a matter of minutes This experience happen a few occasions where my website has been featured prominently in Stumble Upon and Reddit and, even more importantly is that a large portion of the crowds of people also purchased items.

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Benefits of Backlinks in SEO

In addition to the immediate growth of the number of readers who read your article, there are long-term SEO benefits that can be derived by republishing your article on a large scale. The more sites that are related to your article, the greater number of backlinks you’ll get which is why more is better. Also, the more people are aware of your site being republished, more websites will then republish the article themselves. Backlinks are a crucial element in influencing the search engine ranking, so when you are able to extract the maximum amount of backlinks possible per article , you will see significant changes. This is the basis of my marketing strategy and certainly one that has helped me achieve great success. Re-publishers should also hyperlink back to the original content, so they too could rise up to at the very top of Google’s ranking (and the other engines) If you are able to view your own websites and your original content at the top of the search engines, you’ll receive a large amount of targeted, organic traffic, just like I do in a variety of areas.

Part 2 How do you get your article republished

With these backlinks and specific benefits for visitors It makes an excellent sense to optimize your content to allow republishing. Here’s my suggestion on how to go about this. I’ve published more detailed pieces in this issue, but I believe this is an adequate guide for beginners.

First, we need to consider the reasons why blog and website owners select certain articles to publish. The rates of republishing depend on the specificity and size of the subject, however there are some general trends that you should take advantage of.

Concentrate on the quality and importance

The first piece that you should remember is to concentrate on, as much as you can on the quality of your writing. This involves analyzing the relevancy of the content you write to your readers and doing this before you begin writing it. The more relevant to your readers’ requirements, the more likely they are to visit your site and/or or republish the article. I’ve, for example wrote long and well-structured pieces only for them to be only useful to small, narrow niches that has no commercial worth. Try to avoid this trap of being specific whenever possible particularly when you begin running out of ideas to write about. A few minutes of research on the Google keywords users are looking for and the most popular forums threads, will help you determine these. In my case, I was inspired to write this piece after reading an article on quality and. quantity. I utilized my response to form the basis of this article.

Spend more time to guarantee quality

When I’m talking about the issue of article volume I’ll also add that an approach based on quantity to marketing an article is not likely to provide the same advantages. In the course of the life of an article, this can be detrimental since low quality articles will not be able to keep spreading and create new backlinks. Even even if you get only just a few backlinks every month, this is still worth the extra time or two you might need to devote initially to creating high-quality content. If you allow the article to take care of the writing it will be a much more satisfying and also a time-saving, and experience. when you have to write articles to build backlinks. That means you must include all the information you believe to be pertinent, and planning carefully is an effective method to accomplish this. Also, spell-check and make sure that the grammar is free of error – nobody wants poor quality content on their site.

Go deeper into depth and become unique

The second piece of advice is to write your content thorough and thoughtful. Answer the reader’s questions and share any unique ideas you may have. It’s common sense to state that readers are more likely to publish an article that is not just extremely relevant, but also distinctive. It is important to persuade anyone who reads your article to republish it, so the quality of your content must be of the highest standard – which is a requirement for having a comprehensive range of subjects covered. I’ve played around with this many times and discovered that articles with a length of between 1000 and 2000 words was the most efficient for republishing purposes. This is the amount needed to keep readers interested and convey a sense of expertise and knowledge. If you write shorter, you didn’t provide enough information If you go any further, your readers could turn off before they reach the conclusion. There are niches and particular articles that break the rule, but generally an extensive and thorough article is the most effective option.

Inspire people to take a look

In the end, I’ll say that you must, quite evidently, convince readers to read your article in your article in the very first place. This is a must, and includes aspects like an interesting title, rich in keywords and establishing backlinks to your blog post. I’ve written more details about this, and you can read the other posts for more details.

If you write with a high quality and follow my suggestions, you’ll be able to begin driving your backlinks and your targeted visitors to the moon. I hope that you find this article informative and I’m not sure that it’s a poor illustration of my work that has been successful in the affiliate industry. the republish rate is around 10% of the articles, so you can imagine the results I’m experiencing because of it. This sort of success is achievable for anyone to achieve in the event that you remain focused and continue writing. Remember that spending just a little more time on every article will be a huge difference in your republishing success over the long term.

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