High Definition Web Conferencing – A Definition

What exactly is the terms web conferencing, multi-party videos as well as online conference call calls? This is applicable to online computer software that allows groups of people to connect together from different, remote places. By using the standard IP Internet lines, with cloud-based software that does not require any additional equipment or installing on a computer or mobile device.

The user simply logs in and begins making presentations, speaking or lecturing, the features of modern platforms allow for the use of sharing applications like PowerPoint, Word documentation or Excel Spreadsheets in real-time. This is why it’s not just audio visual information but also allows for interactive educational presentations to be held.


Since there is no requirement for software installation, complicated reconfiguring of the computer or the purchase of costly hardware, it provides an efficient and flexible method of utilising video conferencing. Business-to-business calls can be easily set up and allow for the use of a variety of interesting visual elements to a conference. All you require is a desktop computer, a webcam and a high-speed internet connection, and you’re ready to start a conference call.

The person who conducts the conference or lecture should ideally make use of the VoIP headset for the highest quality. Delegates and participants have the option of joining the call by email, which includes a link to the conference’s site by clicking a mouse.

The application of document sharing is an ideal way for designers who want to collaborate. the ability of the system to add annotations to images helps in teaching and the high quality images produced give hospitals easy access to expert opinions and diagnosticians from all over the world.

For many years the cost of setting up a purpose-built video conference rooms was prohibitive for most companies but the use of normal computers, VoIP technology and off the shelves peripherals like web-cams and speakers make it accessible to everyone. This has resulted in an overwhelming increasing in businesses which are joining over the Internet.

This has resulted in an increase in business democratisation world. Small businesses are now able to profit from the global economy and no just multi national corporations. Companies can conduct weekly sales meetings, advertising promotions and design and development with customers located on the opposite part of the globe without any issue. High definition video calls are now accessible from executive boardrooms to the kitchen table with no more expensive than computers connected to the Internet using a web-cam.

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