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Shakespeare could not write a better screenplay of a tragedy or, better yet, the travesty which is currently playing across all of the United States and the world. The dangers of the future are here. The world that we once knew has been radically altered the lives and the livelihoods of millions. The utter failures of governments particularly those in the United States to deal effectively with the menace of the pandemic, and the inability to unilaterally implement the radical reforms to deal with the devastating effects caused by Global Warming have made our world and all societies more vulnerable to the worst environmental and economic catastrophe since the end of the Ice Age.

We should remind ourselves that it was sixty years ago that our country was rife with hatred anger, bitterness and civil discord. The turmoil that was Vietnam Vietnam War kept the United States in the grip of the ever-growing tensions of discontent. We are witnessing history repeating itself. The situation has changed, but the US remains awash with anger, hatred and tensions. The turmoil that is the Afghanistan War where billions of dollars were wasted and thousands of lives have been lost , and a nation left in chaos are familiar situations that have been played out before.


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Deja vu again. The bizarre circumstances that led to our debacle in Afghanistan is similar to the failure we suffered to do the same in Viet Nam. Both times, our government has failed to serve the American public, and the people of Afghanistan as well as Viet Nam. We must go further to remember those words spoken by General The Army Douglas Mac Arthur who so succinctly warned about the consequences sending our armed forces into danger. “There is no alternative to a complete victory.” “The primary goal of war is winning.” What we did in both of these instances was prolong the war, where millions of dollars went and were squandered and thousands of lives were lost, and entire nations broken. This has resulted in more tense episodes of violent conflict. Take a look at what’s taking place in Afghanistan right now.

If we had heeded Mac Arthur’s advice, the United States today would be much more successful in governing global issues. But, we are confronted with an unmotivated military, government incompetence at every level, and a population struggling to make it through the day. The plight of millions of people is growing with each mistake the government takes.

It wasn’t too long ago that our nation was brimming with promises of more prosperous times to come. However, that promise is broken by the ravages of illness, Famine, pestilence, and even death. It appears that that the Four Horsemen have indeed arrived. Many times, when confronted by such challenges, our government blames others as who to blame. This is the situation today. Since the consequences are always there, net results have proved ineffective to stop not just this epidemic, but virtually any major crisis which comes in the course of.

The changes in society that are rapidly taking place have also posed a threat to the physical and moral framework of our lives in the United States. If they are allowed to continue unchecked, the world we live in will be gone forever. In addition the majority of humanity is being dragged into a maze of unanswered questions, particularly with the overwhelming mandates for an experimental non-vaccine that is supposed to slow down and ultimately stop the spreading of Covid-19.

Many in the government have not learned the lessons that history should teach us. Today, a large portion of the world’s population is suffering as a result. The world is in an uncertain time. Over the past 50 years, we had the chance to tackle global warming in a comprehensive manner but we failed in every way. As we confronted a growing disease, we failed again and it turned into an actual pandemic. We failed again to be aware of the consequences from our international policy decisions and they only escalated into major international conflicts which are like everything else that the government has undertaken over the past 60 years, wasted millions of dollars. resulted in thousands and thousands of people’s lives as well as their livelihoods. and caused nations to be in complete discontent over the actions we took. When we put all of these factors together, we can see the mess that which the government created. A lot more questions and answers already been posed

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