Cam Newton – Some People Did Know Better

In the ESPN talk programme “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” the popular sports analyst Colin Cowherd, opened up his show with something I frequently think about while watching Cam Newton. What is the role of the role models and fathers in the development of child athletes?

Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton and his development with respect to the rookie’s on this particular NFL selection class are impressive. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III represent the most impressive NFL rookie QB class in three years, if not even more. Three of these young men put Cam Newton to shame in how they manage their lives both on and off the field.

Colin Cowherd’s point, as I took as a whole to be, was that a father plays a huge influence on the way an athlete develops as man and public persona. Colin’s claimed Cam Newton clearly is a boy in a man’s body. Newton does not have the maturity of those around him because the diva is his name and represents everything wrong with the current sports scene. I’ll admit that I completely agree with that view that cheap sex cams Cam Newton has. Cam Newton. Ironically though, what Colin has left out of the segment is what solidified my opinion about the culture of sports today.

Colin Cowherd is a rare analyst in the sports media of today. This is due to his ability to provide opinion which is not based on what he thinks the facts to be instead by what the actual facts are. Simply put, Colin states what he believes is and has the FACTS to back it up. I don’t always agree with the viewpoints expressed on his show , but Colin frames things with the rigors of reason and common sense cheap webcam sex so at the very least , his opinions are respected even in the event that it doesn’t match. Colin also doesn’t have a bad sense when it comes to his chosen field and the best way to utilize the stage he’s built. Where The Herd stands out from other shows is that I’ve never felt that I’m being fed the opinion of ESPN on his show, but only his. Lastly, Colin uses time on his show to state “I didn’t get it right” and thus creates credibility for him to remind his audience that he was right, Just ask Fireman Ed.

What’s more, this years NFL first-year class of players could not have come at a better moment. Seeing men who are like Luck, Wilson, and RGIII will bring a positive improvement to the NFL’s scene. In fact, the NFL is by far the most popular sport in America and that’s the truth, and with top players like these young men it will continue to grow in popularity. When the announcement Cam Newton was being investigated first broke I wasn’t even in the slightest bit amazed. In the moment that Cecil Newton, Cam’s father and ex-Mississippi State star Kenny Rogers first claimed Cam did not know what was going on I was certain he did. When the Auburn document said “There is no evidence that Rogers engaged in similar discussions regarding a cash inducement with any other institution either indirectly or directly,” I was sure that wasn’t completely true. After hearing the details of Cecil Newton’s phone calls, which indicate that he and Rogers made more than 270 text messages between march 2009 through January 2010, the majority involved with MSU’s pursuit of Newton. Just a few days months after Cam Newton signed with Auburn I did not hesitate because I knew that he was at fault.

If Colin Cowherd mentioned fathers and Cam Newton I knew where Cam Newton was going. Cam did not have a great example to follow in life and to teach him what is right and wrong. I couldn’t agree more that fathers play a key role in the lives of children everywhere and shape the kind of person they become. What I struggled with was figuring out where you start to teach a child to be accountable in his behavior? If nobody was there to guide him, does it make sense to make him responsible for a lesson that wasn’t taught?

We all know that Cam is accountable for Cam and that’s why he’s accountable right? However, don’t go too quickly with the assumption. If everyone is aware that the importance of accountability then who Cam his Diva behavior that defines him now? If everyone knows a boy should be taught to be an accountable and responsible person then where was his first coach to begin that life lesson? Did the coach decide to bench him to start the responsibility? What about his family, teacher, uncle mom, neighbor or even his priest? Did anyone actually care or did they just enjoy playing with him and let it go? At the end of the day, he’s an exceptional child, and it’s not hard to see that. Could it be that , from the time he remembers the influences that shaped him into the Diva we are now calling Cam Newton? Worse yet did everyone in the process keep enabling the behavior to compensate for his athletic abilities? Is it possible Cam Newton just can’t comprehend the lessons he wasn’t taught? I’m not defending Cam Newton or any of his actions. I think athletes like Cam are a scourge in sports developed by certain segments of society who worship athletes. It is not only created from parents but also by people who ought to have a better idea, but lack the necessary character to make this happen in order to serve their own interests.

I’ve already mentioned that when I wrote about Colin’s segment on Cam Newton some things were not addressed. I doubt this was a deliberate decision and for all I know Colin does not agree with my thoughts on this subject at all. The list of individuals not mentioned , who do have a better understanding of the situation is led by Carolina Panthers owner/founder Jerry Richardson and team President Danny Morrison. Even if you don’t take a look at those who are part of the NCAA, BCS, and Auburn head coach Pat Dye you are still left with the Panthers front office which decided to pick Newton even though they knew the diva had issues.

The claim that Cam would be selling Jerseys as well as fill in seats are absurd and extremely naive for a billionaire business man. These are smart wealthy people who did not know the consequences? If you were the team that lost, filled your stadium and sold jerseys you should have bought Tebow. You could at least be able to fill seats and sell jerseys, without the issues that Cam Newton brings to your franchise. If I’m right, Denver was pretty pleased leading the league in sales of clothing when Tebow was in the league. He didn’t destroy the locker room with his childish behavior, and Denver actually had a chance to win games. What’s up with Alex Smith? He’s not even a fraction of his athletic abilities, but I’m pretty sure you’re far better than 3-9 today, and you’ll be able to make a date with your couch in January.

The good news is that you can be 3-9 in the NFL with the majority of quarterbacks, without the additional problems Newton brings at a fraction of cost. Carolina supporters should feel furious for wasting the first overall pick on Newton. When I last saw this happen so blatantly was with a player named Ryan Leaf. Could someone tell me, where does he play now? My memory isn’t great but I’m pretty sure a talented QB was picked right following him that year. No matter what Cam does , the decision select him was made by the head office, and they should have known more. Cam Newton will never bring the Super Bowl to Carolina or any other NFL team as a starting quarterback. In the NFL level the quarterback position is all about what’s behind your ears, not about how fast you can run. Class matters and nothing proves that more than the rookie class representing their teams this year.

Don’t forget to mention on the NFL in this, either. The latest Cam Newton commercial for NFL Play 60? Who chose to feed his pride that makes him an obnoxious diva by airing that commercial that airs on national television? You have Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III as well as about 50 other players to represent the NFL brand. You choose Cam Newton? Two words are all that’s needed to the person who makes that choice: You’re fired!

In the end Cam Newton should continue to be held accountable in his conduct. It doesn’t matter whether you believe he’s smarter than. My argument is that this isn’t a single man show. We must add some names to the list of those who knew better, but remained in the dark so they could benefit from the athletic skills of Cam as well as those who would pay for it. Cam Newton’s athletic abilities will diminish with the course of his career and all that God given talent will have been wasted.

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