14 Blogging Mistakes A Blogger Makes And How To Put Them Right

In today’s day and age the most effective way to connect and engage further with your customers is by blogging. For this reason, many enterprises, big or small, are aware of the huge impact that blogs can make on business performance, which is important. But one major challenge is that their blogs haven’t been able to produce any results which can cause them to be discouraged with the absence of results and then they give up on blogging completely.

Are you concerned about getting results you desire as a blogger?

In this article, you’re going to discover the mistakes that most bloggers make , and the best way to put them right.

#1 Blogging Mistake- Not Having A Strong Niche

A blogger needs focus. It is impossible to be all things for all people. You must clearly define what the purpose of your blog is. For instance, if , for example, you are writing about dogs, you shouldn’t waste your time or energy writing about online jobs.

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Do your best to write about things you love to write about since by doing so, you’ll never have enough to write about.

#2 Blogging Mistake- Inconsistency

As I mentioned earlier it is just like any other business. A blogger needs to start and maintain it. Many novices hope to launch their blog and then get lots of visitors quickly. If this doesn’t happen they get impatient and frustrated and finally abandon their blog without giving their blog a second chance.

Patience in blogging pays. When you start blogging you need to keep to it. Be aware that consistency, engaging and relevant blog posts will show your passion to your company as well as your customers.

Trust yourself with the care and maintenance on your blog. It is possible to begin putting in more effort into it, aiming for at minimum, one blog post every week, and work your way up.

#3 Blogging Mistake- Not Connecting With Your Readers

Another mistake that a blogger makes is to misunderstand who their audiences are. The audience is not understood properly, which means that you are on the right track however you fail to connect with the audience. As as a blogger, you are smart to comprehend the issues that your readers are experiencing to be able to provide valuable information that solves their issues. I’ll repeat that ” content is king” and for that reason it is important to provide value with your content for your readers.

The self-centered nature of readers is because they seek out information they can use so avoid writing posts that are full of information that the reader cannot make use of.

#4 Blogging Mistake- Focusing On Money

A blogger could start an enterprise that is focused on making money, which isn’t an issue. But, I’d want to emphasize that if you place too much emphasis on earning money, you will never write good articles. The absence of great content can easily kill your blog since people won’t trust to you as all they know about you is that you are more of a marketer rather than a blogger.

When writing your articles, try to imagine yourself as the person who will be reading the article you’re writing and then you’ll think completely different.

#5 Blogging Mistake- Using Big Words

I’m pretty sure we’ve all at one point, made this mistake when blogging. Vocabulary use is typical among bloggers. There are many ways to use vocabularies, so that your article appears sophisticated, but what you do not know is that they can make your post complicated and your readers will not understand. This could negatively impact your business because potential clients will leave your website and never return as a result of big words they do not understand.

Do not write your content as you’re doing it to write for PhDs. Make sure you write in a simple way that your readers can understand.

#6 Blogging Mistake- Lack Of Supporting Images

Many bloggers make use of images that do not align with their core messages. Others do not even use any images whatsoever. Images help readers to extract the message in one quick glance.

Sometimes, the right images will be self-explanatory. Making use of the best images can elevate your blog to a higher degree as your visitors will be able to have a good time looking through your blog posts which is why you should encourage them to be more active on your blog.

Don’t forget to alt-tag your images.

#7 Blogging Mistake- Neglecting SEO or Doing Heavy SEO

SEO aids visitors to locate your blog. Visitors never find your site by mistake. However, as much as SEO is essential however, you don’t have to use it in a way that is excessively. You can know that you’re optimizing too much when the keywords you use in your articles and title suddenly stop making sense.

However you should also examine the amount of keywords you’re including in your posts. Too much SEO’ing means that you’re only writing to please the robots. it is a complete violation of the rules of blogging, as it could result in spamming.

Gain knowledge of SEO. Make sure you keep your readers as your top 1 priority.

#8 Blogging Mistake- Not Engaging With Your Audience

This is a common oversight that bloggers make. It is important to interact with readers through their comments. If you respond to comments, you strengthen your relationships with your readers. Readers who are approved are likely to return.

People keep your name in their minds by taking the time to reply to their comments.

#9 Blogging Mistake- Disorderly Blog

When a blog is disorderly, it is not attractive to the eye. Visitors are not a fan of overly busy websites because they do not easily access what they are looking for. Too many choices make the visitors rather confused and so they choose to abandon your site.

Do not attempt to do so much on your blog. Make your blog visitor friendly If it’s easy to navigate, a user will always have a pleasant time and thus will return. As a result, you’ll earn money on the internet as potential clients visit your website.

#10 Blogging Mistake- Uninteresting Headlines

Titles are the most significant basics of a blog post. They tell readers a great amount about the content and can often be used to set expectations. They’re descriptive and appealing.

If a title doesn’t entice and informative, it’s not going to have the desired effect.

#11 Blogging Mistake- Putting Attention To Quantity Instead Of Quality

This is a mistake that is quite common among bloggers. There is this assumption that you must blog often each week to ensure that your blog will appear fresh and up-to-date from a search engine and from a human perspective.

The upside of doing it is you gain page rank while the negative is that you may not be able to maintain the quality of your articles.

In order to avoid mistakes like this, it is essential to spend time to write a good post, and always remember to edit it. Alternatively, you can also make a hire of professionals who will be helping you write posts.

#12 Blogging Mistake- Plagiarisms

Copying other blogger’s content is referred to as plagiarism. It is a crime; it’s a violation under the copyrights. Some bloggers rely on copying and pasting instead of putting up the content they have written in the words they have written.

Google likes originality. Original content is distinctive as well as allowing you to express your thoughts with ease.


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