Act Now To Do Yourself A FAVOR!

If you wish to become the best possible person you can be, you must strive to be the best you can be, by taking action, and in a well – considered, and planned way! You should be consistently with a willingness, readiness to takeyour own responsibility, for your prospects, success, happiness, self-satisfaction and joy! Instead of settling for, and limiting your options because you refuse to expand the self – imposed limitations in your personal comfortable zone, you should be proactive and pursue an action plan that is best for you! Don’t settle for sufficient however, you should always insist on the highest level in your personal performance! It isn’t it sensible to give yourself an FAVOR,and seek to become your most trusted friend and partner to address any, and all weaknesses and, more efficiently, using your strengths? With that in mind, this piece will try to brief look at, analyze as well as review and debate using the mnemonic approach to understand what this symbolizes, and how it makes a true difference for you.

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1. Face facts; future Form a personal plan that you can furnish and bring to fruition fate:Avoid any tendency, to lie to yourself, but, rather confront the facts and act proactively! Develop a personal strategy, which will allow you to create the future you want to live in, and then provide the necessary, and details, for bringing it to life! It is your choice to accept that you’re deciding to be the master of your destiny and destiny, or choose not to!

2. Attitude; concentration; aptitude; actions:Will you move forward with a true, positive attitude, able- to-do attitude, and without wearing rose – colored glasses, and view obstacles as problems to be overcome instead of causing problems? What can you do to build the necessary important skills, the ability-set, as well as the most effective aptitude to your goals, and perceptions? Only if you move ahead, and then make timely, well – assessed, decisions, will this happen!

3. Visualize; virtues, value and Values:When you imagine your next step, how images do you see and why? What virtues are most essential, to you? How can you ensure that you are aligned, the highest value you can give yourself, with maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards?

4. Options; opportunities; open – mind; optimize:Consider all viable options and options, and then search for the finest available opportunities, or create, your own opportunity! Proceed with an open – mind, and prioritize, the things that are most important to your needs, if you’re looking to take advantage of the opportunities in the near future!

5. Relevant; responsive; responsible real and rationale/ reasoningWill you insist, your rationale, and personal reasoning, are relevant, real, and responsible? You are responsible for your own actions, to create, the brightest future!

To become your personal best and achieve your goals, you have to be ready and willing to do yourself, an favor,and proactively seek, the finest, possible, way to go! Do not take shortcuts or even what could appear to be a road that is the shortest route, but, rather, demand your utmost personal excellence, always!

Richard has run businesses and has served as COO as well as CEO, Director of Development and consultant. He has also managed events, provided advice to thousands of people and delivered personal development seminars for more than four decades. Rich has published three books and thousands of articles.

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