The Naked Truth

In the past, there have been instances that have been misinterpreted or omitted from records and completely misrepresented. What the world is experiencing is a direct result of the desire of some to deform instances that could be used to overturn the existing power structure. This is the power structure that is in complete control over societies. It is the United States government is complicit in what could being the most serious medical error ever since Black Death.

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What is so distinct is the fact that there is a complete opposition of what the medical establishment as well as our government and media are trying to and in large part marketing to the public in regards to the way they react to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The Pharmaceutical industry is where Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson have worked together in designing an experimental vaccine made of a synthetic compound. This mRNA compound that once given the vaccine, they should be able to fight off the Covid-19 virus.

In reality, what has been discovered is that, instead of increasing the bodies immune responses in response to Covid-19, it causes the exact opposite response. The body’s immune system breaks down and subsequently people who have already received the vaccine may experience adverse side effects , and are more at risk of becoming infected. Presently, after just over a year left in the experimental vaccination program in which more people have already been inoculated , we would have thought that infection rates would have already dropped significantly. However, the rates of infection are growing rapidly as more deaths occur, and our world is becoming increasingly unstable.

Despite the enormous public awareness campaigns by the media, CDC and our government to push for and even go so far as mandating everyone to receive the experimental vaccine in spite of the recent spike in infections occurring in those already vaccinated , it is important to ask questions regarding the safety of the vaccine and why there is a huge demand to be vaccinated these drugs that are being tested.

When trying to solve these questions, we can somewhat conclude that one, the mRNA compound , being synthetic, isn’t the only way for fighting the Covid-19. Two, it should be easy to see that, after a year of almost forced vaccinations using this mRNA vaccine instead of decreasing the incidence of infection, rates have increased dramatically.

What’s really the motivation behind this huge demand for a vaccine that isn’t working? We must go back to 2014 when the World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab called for what was now called the Global Reset. With the combined backing of some of the world’s most wealthy such as Bill Gates George Sorus etc. set the stage for the current events. The means to reap more wealth and control over governments and people. Today, 9 individuals of the Pharmaceutical industry that are involved with this test vaccine are already been made Billionaires.

Today , there are two main reasons for why cases of Covid-19 are rising. One is that the experimental mRNA vaccine does not work it is now causing the complete destruction of the immune system. This can lead to serious adverse reactions and increases in Covid-19 infection. Another reason is financial motivation. The public was lulled into believing that they have understanding by CDC or the media, as well as our government.

What is already happening is the start of more than just a medical travesty being played out, but the ramifications of this major vaccination campaign could bring economic and financial disaster to people all over the world..

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