Blogging For Traffic – Lure Readers To Your Blog

Writing about topics on a website log, more commonly known as blogs, isn’t a new concept. Numerous people use “blogging” for years in an attempt to express themselves, make money, or to meet new people. A relatively new application for blogging has come to light. Blogging is a way to increase visitors to your site.

So how can a company make use of a blog to drive up traffic and hopefully increase sales of their products? It’s easy to follow a 3-step blogging strategy: Post on a frequent and consistent schedule, bookmark your website whether manually or via the use of an automatic system. You can also then create hyperlinks between your blog and the related blogs to boost traffic and search engine rank. Visit:-

Post On A Schedule

Although the content of your blog posts is vital however, it’s just as important to regularly post. If you are starting to post daily or three times a week you need be prepared to maintain that routine throughout the time your blog is in existence. There’s nothing more frustrating to a reader than the feeling of receiving the latest news from your blog but to then have nothing new be posted for a week or longer. I am sure that if have done this more than one time without reason, you’ll have to return to find your readers have unsubscribed from your feeds and stopped visiting your blog. Because you’re trying to boost visits to your site, it is a must to make it a top priority to give your readers the reason to keep coming back to your site every day.

If you’re certain that you are going to be unable to post for awhile, you can write a bunch of articles and then set up your blog to publish these posts at pre-determined time and dates. This is a perfect solution if you know you are taking a vacation or are getting sick. My advice is to write when you’ve got a amount to say. Save the post for later, but don’t publish it immediately. You can then have the posts “go live” at a periodic interval.

Use Social Bookmarking

In order to effectively increase the number of visitors to your website, you want everyone to know about your blog as possible. Social bookmarking allows you to submit your blog posts to various directories where people go to learn about topics that interest them. There are some points you need to consider when creating your website for effective bookmarking. You definitely want to submit your blog to the most popular bookmarking sites such as Technorati, StumbleUpon, and Digg. You can do this manually or via the free bookmarking sites like Social Poster. This can be a tedious job, but it’s worth your time to sign up with these directories to recognize your blog.

It is vitally important that you offer an easy way for readers to bookmark your website as well. When someone is reading a blog or a post that they find helpful it is a good idea to bookmark the blog so other people are able to benefit from that blog. Bookmarking your blog will create interest in your blog and , consequently, your product or service by the large amount of targeted (interested) visitors.

Create Links with Other Blogs of High Quality

As in the real world, it’s all about who you know. Having your blog linked to other blogs can make you look great. In the end you don’t want to encourage you to promote your blog in the absence of something valuable to offer?

There are a couple of ways to get your blog to be linked to blogs of other authors. You can first write to or contact the owner of another blog and ask for an exchange of links. Most bloggers have a ‘link List’, or Blogroll at the side of their blogs that allows their visitors to locate other blogs worth reading. Be sure to limit your requests to other bloggers who blog about subjects relevant to your blog. If you’re writing about proper cat care the real estate blog is likely to be of only a small benefit of linking to you!

Another way to earn hyperlinks on other websites is to take part in the commenting process on these blogs. Be sure to adhere to blogs that are related to your blog otherwise you’ll be accused of spamming bloggingor’splogging and is frowned on. Make sure to leave only relevant comments on blog posts that you are interested in or you could give useful information about. Be careful not to oversell, but it’s common to leave a URL as long as it’s relevant. Many blogs are setup so that if the person who makes a comment is registered on the site it will display their name in the form of a link to a profile page , or directly to your site. This can be a great method to let people find out more information about you without throwing a web address in the eyes of readers who aren’t interested.


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