Ten Advantages of Ballroom Dance

The best thing about ballroom dancing is that everyone can participate in it.Ballroom dancing does not discriminate by age, gender or nationality. It welcomes all with open arms.

If done with the right attitude ballroom dancing will add excitement, enthusiasm, and energy to your day. It will also give you 10 advantages that will improve your life, and will take you and your life to new heights. Visit:- https://www.fds-dance.com/

However, before I share those 10 advantages it is crucial to understand that

Ballroom dancing was first introduced in the 18th century and becomes more popular with each passing day.

Every day, thousands of people participate in ballroom dancing across the globe. Dancers can range in age from 3 to 4 year young students at schools such as World DanceSport Cebu to 99 year old Tao Porchon Lynch who danced at an event in Mumbai in the year 2017.

In 2014 , ballroom dancing was already a 2.1 BILLION dollar industry. In addition, with the popularity of shows such as Dancing WithThe Stars, that is growing exponentially every day.

If you’ve dreamed of dancing in a ballroom (and you are sure you want to) however you have believed that I can’t do that, or I would look silly, or no one would want to dance with me. I’m here to tell that these thoughts do not exist.

The community of ballroom dancers is one of warmth and will be there to help and support you.

If you’ve been dancing for awhile, you know that a day that isn’t dance-related is like a day with no sunshine

Here are the top ten advantages that come with getting out and dance in the ballroom.

#1: Builds Your Confidence

We’ve all seen our teachers or parents instruct us to “Sit up” or “hold your head up”.

Learning Ballroom dancing gives you more than just dance abilities, it will increase your confidence on and off the dance floor. Learn how to maintain your dance-frame by ensuring that your head is up with your back straight, straight, arms in the right position and your rib cage held exactly to your liking.

This will make you look taller and you feel lighter which makes you feel good. Simply feeling confident about yourself can lead to a new you.

You’ll be gliding across the floor feeling like you’re on top of the world and you don’t want to fall down. This feeling will overlap even as you walk through the streets.

Children are thrilled when they feel taller and like they are flying. They are also incredibly smart learners and are able to increase their confidence more quickly than adults. They’re not afraid to make mistakes and will not tire of repeating the same dance routine repeatedly to get it right.

My dance instructor frequently says, “My friends keep telling me to relax, but I tell them, I am relaxed, I just have good posture”.

This is confidence!

#2: Leading Your Partner

As well as holding their frame men learn how to lead, and how to ask ladies to dance. The men will tell you that this isn’t an easy feat (no pun intended) not only do they have to learn the dance stepsand listen to the music beats, but they also have to decide where they want to go and lead their partner around. When they learn to lead their dance partners they will say they have learned how to lead their spouses and they love it! their children and colleagues!

And, Following Your Partner

My teacher will inform you that women who are independent aren’t easy to train how to follow. I’ve seen this firsthand since I am one of them. Ladies must be taught to follow their partners even if the partner is making a mistake. When dancing, you learn to depend on your partner and listen with your companion. In dancing, you do not just listen with your ears to your partner, but you also are listening with your entire body. If you do not trust and allow your partner to lead you to the right direction, a misstep could occur. If this happens, you’ll be thrown to the floor and taking your partner along with you.

#3: Improves Physical and Mental Health

Social dancing provides the body with many health benefits , and ballroom dance is no different. Dancing stimulates your body and this helps reduce stress, boosts fitness, aids in strengthening your muscles, and improve flexibility and mobility.

Dancing requires precision to perform the dance steps and dance movements in motion; this helps your mind as well as your muscles in coordination and balance.
Being aware of the expressions of the body and language spoken by your companion will help you remain focused and pay attention to the finer details improving brain power and building it up.

#4: Expands Music Listening

We all grow as children listening to music, and everyone can agree that I am a fan of that music. Dance classes teach a different kind of “listening to music” and I refer to it as”the “Music Listening Class”
As the music starts, here are a few questions that a Ballroom dancer is required to answer:
1. What’s that dance?
2. Which is the dance beat?
3. What’s the pace?
4. What’s the best time to do it?
5. What is the rhythm?
Each dance will be answered in a manner that is specific to that dance and your dancing ability.

#5 Invites Competition and Perforce Show Cases

Most Dance Studios have their students perform and compete. This gives them the motivation to learn more about their dance and advance to a new levels. For some students the goal is to compete, and there are competitive circuits in existence from beginner to professional levels. Students can also exhibit showcases on topics they enjoy or their favourite dances. In both instances, dances are choreographed based on ballroom dancing guidelines.

If you are constantly striving to improve your dancing, you create an attitude in your daily life that will always want to do the best you can!

#6: Your Friends and Family will be impressed and impressed

Admit it, most people like having their picture taken and this is a wonderful thing.

People are surprised, interested and amazed when they hear that you’re taking a an instruction class to learn to dance. This is especially true in the age of adulthood or a grandmother like me. But just when, until they are invited to attend one of your performances , and they watch you glide on the floor! They’ll be asking “How do you do that? How do you know when to turn?” “I did not know that you could do lifts as dancing with Stars

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