Dental Marketing

Here are some creative, yet not so common marketing strategies you could use to market your dental practice.

1. Start a referral program – This is the best strategy for healthcare services. It is 92% more trustworthy than other forms of marketing. It’s simple and powerful, and can help you increase your patient base. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Establish a loyalty program for patients – This would allow you to collect their email addresses and mobile numbers in order to use them for future marketing strategies, such as email marketing and social media campaigns. This will let your patients know you appreciate their business.
  • Establish a patient review program – This will increase your online visibility. Patients can be given cards so they can review your practice on other social networking sites like yelp and Google.
  • Request a referral for a patient

Here’s a guideline of 3 steps on how to ask for a referal lightheartedly:

  1. You should ask selectively. Only ask people you know and enjoy talking to.
  2. A patient who has had a positive experience can let you know. If the patient is showing grace and letting you know they had a great time, you can let them know in a way that isn’t too pressured. If your family or friends tell you about how terrible their experience was, they can be sent here.
  3. Use a script. We appreciate your feedback. I am proud of my team. We strive to make patients feel valued and happy. We are aware that not everyone has the same positive experience with their dentists. If you know of any friends or family who may enjoy the same experience, please let us know.

2. Make your product/service a challenge – What problem can your services solve? You should not just describe the services that your company offers. Instead, make your product the main focus and challenge them to do so. Ask patients about dental issues, or make a quiz asking them questions. You will have a unique business that is top-of-mind and they will engage. Visit:-

3. Social media hashtags are very popular. Popular hash tags, such as #FlashbackFriday/#ThrowbackThursday, can help you get more views for your business, especially if it is targeting millennials. You can also use it to target specific people looking for information on a topic or service. This can be a great way to get new customers and help you find them.

Other Dental Marketing Ideas

There are many great ways to get started when it comes dental marketing. Here are some more marketing ideas for your dental practice. Have a look to see what you think would work for your practice.

Get local with SEO

What happens if people start looking online for a local dentist? It’s easy to check by reaching for your smartphone and searching “Dentist near Me” to see what results pop up. If you don’t have the best leads or patients, you’re missing a lot.

You want to rank in local searches such as “Dentist nearest me” and get found by people within your target market.

Leverage Existing Patients

Additional to the above suggestions it is a good place to start. We discussed the idea of creating a patient loyalty programme in idea number 1. This will not only help existing patients, but it is also good business and can lead to more referrals.

The Art of Dental Marketing: It’s not rocket science

Although marketing a dental office can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little imagination and common sense, you can do a lot. You can get more patients by thinking about how you can please them.

To social media or not?

Consider using Social Media to market your dental practice.

While social media can be a powerful tool in dental marketing it requires effort and time . For social media to be effective in dental marketing, it requires consistency and high quality content. It may be worth looking at other options, especially if your staff or you don’t have the time. There are many options to engage social users. These include hiring an agency or training your staff to do it, as well as using paid ads to reach them.

Use social media

Also, ensure that your paid ads target patients only in your area when you use them to find new patients. Los Angeles is not the best place to market to if you live in New York City. This is an easy and expensive mistake.

Create a contest and make it viral

A great way to increase your dental practice is to use contests. Everyone wants whiter smiles, right? You can offer teeth whitening for your entire life, or whatever prize you choose.

Your prize should be something that everyone wants. This will make it easy to get people to participate in your contest. Digital contests can increase your dental practice’s marketing exposure for pennies. Your contest can be enhanced by adding bonus actions to increase the chances of winning.

There are more than 1,001 ways you can market your dental practice. Many of them can be done by you. Sometimes, though, it’s best to hire an expert to make sure it happens right the first time. The box below contains more information about how to hire a dental marketing specialist.

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