Engaged Employees Are More Productive

Imagine you are a professional soccer team coach and 10 out of 45 players on a very good day are 100% committed to achieving the team’s success. About half are engaged (as long as you first accelerate them with a big pep talk and keep pushing, you can expect them to come out and take action). remaining? In most cases, the player will appear, dress and sit on the bench. They make the necessary efforts to pass their checks in order to get home. Can you imagine such a thing?
can not wait. This is a typical NFL series, isn’t it?
My side is the point: how many games can a team like this win? I rarely bet. Oh, you will win some against a team like you. However, a dedicated team like the 2008 Steelers will clear the floor with you. Few people in your team really care about winning.
Now let’s transform the analogy into a business environment. You are a manager, not a coach. Their team is still a team, but they are a group of white-collar professionals, not athletes. Visit:- https://boyfriend-navi.com/

Given the overview given above regarding engagement, how do you expect your team to compete, whether in a corporate or global business environment? Of course, the answer is “not much”. If you are a self-respecting driver, this is unacceptable to you. However, not all minors can be shot down. Unfortunately, there is not much equipment left. A more effective solution is employee involvement.
You’ve probably heard this term before, but you may have rejected it as a buzzword for another company. This is true in some cases, but seriously, it’s not the only one. Research has repeatedly shown that employee involvement is an important factor in the success of any business, large or small. Simply put, the higher the percentage of employee involvement, the more productive your employees are and the greater your business success.
So what exactly is employee involvement? Not everyone agrees on the exact term, but there is consensus that they are enthusiastic, enthusiastic, fully involved in their work or organization, and committed to contributing to the success of their team and business. A devoted employee is proud of what he is doing and is proud of where he works.

As is often said, employee involvement is a relatively new concept, dating back only to the early 1990s. In this area, employees are divided into three categories: those who actively participate, those who do not participate, and those who participate. According to the survey, 17% to 29% of employees are actively involved.

Returning to the football analogy, these are players who promise to win 100%.) As my colleague Mark Sanborn calls them, literally almost half of the “ordinary half” is engaged. I have not. They like their work and may be good at it, but they don’t really care about their business goals (often because they don’t know what it is). At the bottom of the mountain are the remaining employees (17-29%) working offline.

These are the people who are just going to work so they can get their salary. They are not devoted at all and do not care about the mission and vision of the business, even if they know what it is. They only mark the time it takes to retire.

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