Diego Maradona – Player of the Century

Diego Maradona’s Trivia Quiz shows that he was born in Buenos Aires in 1960 and, along with Pele, is one of the two greatest football players of all time. In South America, no sport is close to football in terms of overall popularity. Diego Maradona has been one of the most important figures in sports for decades. He was only 10 years old when a professional scout tried to find him and give him the opportunity to develop his talent. According to a survey from Diego Maradona, he had his first opportunity as a professional player at the age of 15. He is with Argentinos Jr.
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After playing for Argentinos Juniors, he transferred to Boca Juniors. He then became an MVP and was transferred until the day he was sent to Barcelona. But Barcelona had a problem for Maradona. His most successful was in Naples, Italy. The other teams were Sevilla, Newell’s Old Boys and later returned to Boca Juniors.
In addition to playing professionally, Maradona will also be successful on the Argentine national team several times.

A Diego Maradona survey shows that he has participated in four consecutive World Cup tournaments. His team won the championship in 1986 and then finished second in the cup.
Maradona lived a life surrounded by many controversies. During some of his professional period, he got into trouble and got out of trouble.

It includes arrests for various drug issues, especially the cocaine habits that have plagued him for years. What’s more, he stands out with his temperamental personality and is difficult to get along with. When FIFA conducted a poll to select the best “player of the century” in history, the first result was to vote for Maradona. Because Pele had to do that. Maradona caused a fuss over the trials, and it was finally decided to award each of the two. In 2008 he became the head coach of the national team Argentina.

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