The Next Big Boom Is Underway – Catch the Wave

Imagine playing the famous game Jeopardy with the iconic game host Alex Trebec. You are at last risk and everything is embedded to win. The idea is: “These three forces have come together to form the growth catalyst for the new $ 1 billion boom in 2011.”

Answer as a question: “What is technology, baby boomers, unemployment?”

I have been writing about this topic for several years. Before I think it’s a good idea, I now think it’s unavoidable. The question is, do you want to join the game from a bystander? American entrepreneurship is alive and well. Despite current falling house prices, high unemployment and rapid consumer turmoil, there is a clear way out of this financial discomfort.
It’s important to understand that things work under a different set of rules: a paradigm shift. Look at the transition from traditional retailers to online sales. You can literally run a global business at home. I did that, and so did many other entrepreneurs. With technology, people like me (and you) can generate millions of dollars in revenue, without employee pain, without owning a distribution truck, out of stock, and without liability. You can run your business.
They say the trend is your friend. The baby boomer generation has been a trend leader since using disposable diapers and Gerbers baby food from pots. Every 8 seconds, Baby Farmer celebrates his 65th birthday. Today, they insist on products that help them look younger, feel better, and slow down the aging process. According to world-renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer, the next billion-dollar industry is wellness, which will be the last chapter in the baby boom story. Visit:-
The unemployment rate remains at historic levels. However, the problem is more serious than obvious. The traditional way of going to school in search of good friends, retiring with dignity, and retiring is about to end. The trust of the company and its employees has deteriorated irreparably. Business owners are sitting with cash and are hesitant to borrow or subsidize sluggish sales with very low margins. Crisis is needed to create opportunities. The unemployment crisis did just that: it created opportunities for non-traditional work growth. Like frustration, it is driven by the inevitability of being the mother of all inventions. People embrace non-traditional business models. This shift to a home-based business will restore family income. By participating in a home-based business rather than using home equity as an ATM, you can regain part-time wealth that looks ambiguous with traditional lenses.
Smart Money fulfills three elements of being a home business with core product rules in the wellness industry, with a strong web platform with a strong brand. The leader in this category is MonaVie. They have grown almost every record of direct marketing. It is the flagship product of the major growth categories of the largest growing industries and has produced 100 million millionaires since its inception in January 2005. In other words, MonaVie has an average of one new millionaire each month. With your dealer team. As we have experienced the oil boom, production boom, real estate boom and dot-com boom, we are now in the early stages of a prosperity boom. To take advantage of the boom, you need to decide to be an active participant. The difference from this boom is that barriers to entry are significantly reduced and risks are reduced. Home businesses offer great revenue potential without upfront investment while doing business around the world.

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